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More than workouts!
Here’s what all you will get
Personalized Dietitian

Get Unlimited calls with dietitian to help you with the Personalized Diet Plan. This Diet Plan would be made as per your taste, preference and lifestyle.

Certified Health Coach

A Certified Coach in this journey who will be taking care of your body toning and posture. Get Unlimited Audio/Video Calls with Body Toning and Health Coach to keep you toned and posturally correct.

Five Days Training

Sweat and Burn calories with our AI based fun workouts. 5 Days x 5 Different Workouts to target multiple aspects of your body.

AI Generated Reports

Get detailed AI Based Fitness Reports: Advance and accurate, to track progress and performance.

Daily Recipes

Receive Daily Tasty yet Healthy Recipes on your personal window. Let your taste buds also be happy, like your body will be in your transformation journey.

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Lose 17kgs in 3 Months


Lose 10kgs in 6 Months


Lose 5kgs in 3 Months


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What Our UsersSays

Kashvi Sharma

For 7 months, my struggle wasn't with full-body weight but specifically targeting belly fat and thighs. Finally, it worked with your program. I thought it was an impossible journey. However, your program, along with Coach Prajwal's guidance, surprised me. Thanks a ton for not only transforming me physically but also for the positive impact it had on different parts of my life.

Sohini Das

I tried various methods for over a year, but each break brought back the weight. A friend is into Bollywood fitness with you, and despite my skepticism about online things, I joined HobFit. Limited time, but I feel relaxed, enjoy without pressure, and I'm so happy. Having a dietitian, Priyanka, is the best part. Easy-to-follow routines make me really happy!

Ananya Singh

Fighting PCOD alone made dieting tough. HobFit changed that! It’s not just about losing weight; my overall wellness improved. Mood swings and meals were a challenge, but Chahat, the dietitian, made a plan tailored to me, satisfying cravings with alternatives. Grateful!

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