Benefits of pursuing your Hobby

The #covid 19 pandemic has increased anxiety and stress so much that some experts are warning of a looming mental crisis. To take care of your mental health, it’s essential to set aside time and pursue something that excites you. It is an important form of our expression. Whatever hobby we choose, it is an important aspect of our well-being, and the best way to mind that is to try something new. It can enhance our ability to relax and rest our brains.
Conforming to deep research, collective data was interpreted regarding the hobbies that people pursue and it’s impact on them. According to a survey by Cigna TTK Health insurance, 89% of the population suffer from stress in India. One more report by WHO states that 20% of the population in India will suffer from mental illness by 2020. According to a Gallup poll, yet another figure proves that 85% of people felt bored every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. These 10 minutes instead can be used to give a better perspective to your life.
Pursuing #hobbies, therefore, create a positive impact both on your personal and professional life. One of the best parts is that you can turn something you love into your career while taking care of your mental well-being. Let’s take this impact further and foster a better future.